Website Content: Why and How to Stretch It Further

Creating great content and repurposing it through various channels can be great way to lead prospects to your business. Follow up on all leads with the help of a small business CRM and sales tool like Base.


Website content can be like gold for a business.  It goes up online and helps you tell people about your business, your brand, and your value added proposition. Content helps you attract new customers and nurture relationships with existing ones, too.

Website content doesn’t have a shelf-life, as with other traditional marketing collateral like a brochure that you mail out and has a limited lifespan. Online content can be seen on a regular basis by an infinite number of people.  Not only can it be infinitely seen but it can be shared and measured, too. You can gauge reactions to specific types of content through website analytics to help you determine what type of messaging works best to help you reach customers.

Not only can content be seen wherever you initially place it but it can also be re-used in multiple ways.  For every page of online content you write, there are many things that you can do with it to help you get the most out of every word.

Why not, right? It takes time and money to produce good marketing material. If you can recycle or repackage your content in a new way, you should take advantage of the opportunity.  Here some ideas for re-purposing content beyond your website. Continue reading…

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