Buffer Application Review, Facebook Poster, Twitter Poster, Google Plus Poster

 What is Buffer?Buffer_App

Buffer is a social media sharing tool that enables you to share your content with your community.

You can use Buffer to share things like links to great content you find online or blog posts you write.

You can link Buffer to your Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and Linkedin accounts.  To make sharing quick and easy Buffer has a bookmarklet widget for use in your desktop browser or mobile apps. You can then add content to Buffer from any device you’re reading from.

Another reason to like buffer is for the valuable insights and analytics about the content you share.

For example:  In your buffer account under analytics you can see how many people have retweeted, favorite, mentioned and clicked, your tweet. And this sort of analytics is available for content you share for Google plus, Facebook, LinkedIn as well.

How does it work?

When you find content that you think your followers would like, simply load it up into Buffer via the bookmarklet (there is also a Google chrome extension) and buffer will either send it out immediately or you can schedule it for later. Buffers scheduling feature has default times or you can alter the times via the settings for times that better suit you.

Buffer can save you time by allowing you to create one post, but share it to all or just some of your social media accounts with the click of a button.

Watch this video to see Buffer in action

Pricing and license

Buffer is a free to use application. However, there is an “Awesome” upgrade for $8.50 per month or $102.00 per year that will allow you to perform more functions.

Buffer has been a fantastic way for me to share announcements, giveaways, favorite reads, tips, photos, and thoughts in a way that doesn’t cause social media to take over my life.



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