How Google Glass Will Change the Game of SEO

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Although Google Glass is still not available to the public, the company’s next project is surely turning a lot of heads. Everyone wants a piece of these eyewear computers and everyone wants to be a part of something truly high-tech.

RickWyers‘s insight:

Two major things will change when using Google Glass as opposed to a desktop or smartphone:

Local Search. This is going to be more important than ever because of the nature of the new device. If people are going to search for something on Google Glass, it’s surely going to be something location based (after all, you’re usually on the move). Google’s own Google+ local reviews will become more important and other location-specific marketing will help Google Glass determine what is around the searcher and what is the best possible choice.Long-Tail Search Queries. If you want to get found on Google Glass, trying to optimize for long-tail searches will be your best bet. The reason? People speak differently than they write. You’re more likely to find someone speaking full sentences than speaking in short keywords.

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