Lady at Dunkin Donuts Goes Crazy Over Receipt

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Video of Incident.

RickWyers‘s insight:

How would you handle a upset customer if they spoke to you like this woman did to these Dunkin Donut employees?


Heres others who watched this thought,

"Is she on drugs or psycotic or both???"

"You have a business degree? Wow, you are one human being I find disgustingly wrong and obviously are an unruly foul mouthed little girl who was never disciplined. You should go back to Duncan Donuts and publicly apologize to all the employee’s for showing your face there acting like a complete idiot! If I were that guy, I would have asked you to leave and never come back. What a nasty little girl you are. You need some serious help."

"If I was the employee at the cash register, I would have called 9-1-1 and reported that a woman was having a violent breakdown in the store and that I feared for the other customers’ safety…especially since she kept threatening to "blow" her brains out and "nuke" this place. I felt it was really sad that employees at places such as this feel that they have to take this type of treatment from customers."

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