Is your online reputation damaged? Here are 9 ways to repair it

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No matter how excellent your brand is, misconduct and negative comments online can very quickly damage your digital reputation. You might not be able to delete what was said about you, and it is always a big mistake if you do, but there are steps that you can take to minimize the damage.

In our digital business climate today, it’s important to have online reputation management (ORM) processes in place to help you gain a better understanding of your digital footprint, and at the same time, help you see how far your presence travels.

If your reputation has been damaged online with some nasty comments, have a look below on how you can minimize the damage and start repairing your reputation. This is not an instant process that will yield quick results (depending on how negative your reputation is), neither is it the be all and end all solution, but doing it this way can repair your online profile.

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