Should Small Businesses Fear Google Glass?

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Google Glass isn’t expected to be publicly available until at least the end of the year, but small-business owners are already considering the privacy implications and technological potential of the tiny wearable computer.

The internet-connected device, which you don like a pair of eyeglasses, lets users take photos and videos and access information, such as the weather report and driving directions, with a voice command, all with no need to look down at a cell phone screen.

In May, Google Glass was a big draw for developers attending the annual Google I/O conference. The company has already started to shipping them to select techies who requested (and paid $1,500 for) a pair.

But the product is already under public scrutiny. Eight members of U.S. Congress recently sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page asking how the company plans to protect people’s privacy. Because there’s no need to point and click a camera, wearers may shoot photos and videos surreptitiously.

For that reason, some private businesses are taking steps to keep Google Glass off their premises.

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