5 Twitter Tactics That Deserve a Second Look

This week we’re showcasing five powerful Twitter tactics that may have gone under your radar but that deserve a second look. In most cases, these tips represent Twitter tactics that not everyone is using, so they’ll enable you to stand out from the pack.

Look for links to the original articles where’ll you’ll find more detailed information and instructions on how to implement these very effective Twitter tactics.

1. Follow, Then Follow Up

Follow Then Follow Up

How many people do you follow on Twitter? How many people follow you? No matter what the numbers are, it doesn’t really matter much unless you’re actually engaging with your followers and they’re engaging with you. Sure, Twitter sends an email to every new person you follow, but if that’s the only interaction you have with those folks, chances are you may get lost in the crowd.

Instead, whenever you follow someone, send him or her a tweet. Let the person know you’re following — and why. By doing so, you’ll be taking a proactive approach (that very few others do), and you may just spark the attention (and generate a conversation) with the very person you’ve been trying to reach. continue reading 4 more tactics here….


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